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United Kingdom
Loves Remus Lupin, Doctor Reid from Criminal Minds (but loves Matthew Grey Gubbler more!), Ryo and Bakura (long story!). All of who live in my head, others know otherwise, and therefore makes me a mad woman.

I'm A mad woman who has a frying pan and loves doing a highland charge at someone screaming at the top of my lungs anything that fits - but it's mainly "You're own fault!" or "Padded white walls and floor here I come!"

Life always seems so much more fun when you're a mad person... Unless it's in a bad way for yourself... Sorry...
  • Listening to: Breath of Life by Florence and the Machine
  • Reading: Harry Potter (Again!)
  • Watching: Avengers
I was tagged by: seffykoepsel (Ta Lass!)


-Go to

- Put all the names from your friend's list in the box 
-Click 'randomize'
- Use the names as they appear to answer the stuff below OR click 'Randomize again' and use only the name that appears first each time.
- No cheating!
- if you run out of names before you answered all the stuff, just randomize and start again!

You're in a mental hospital. Sanity is Overrated

Your roommate: Doctorwho4211 (I can see hours of conversation here)

Your Doctor: Gallinaceous (... Should I be worried?)

Person licking the windows: mnkyw4 (Why am I not surprised to see you here?)

Person stashing food in the corners: torakisara (Why?)

Person acting like an animal: Cloudiaa (... O-Okay...)

Person helping you escape: TheBeethatHums (One question! Can't we stay and creep the staff out a little longer? Please!)

Person yelling nonsense about clowns: jack-of-all-trades17 (This founds familiar)

Person who is running around with a frying pan: marvelfan736 (Hey... I thought that was my job...)

Person who believes that he/she is able to control when the end of the world occurs: KOREAlchemist (Good on ya! Have fun!)

Person going crazy: Midnight-Princessxo (You're not crazy already? Oh well, don't worry. We're all mad here!)

Person who was under at least ten restraining orders: CyberPunkSammy (What, may I ask, did you do!?)

Person who is strapped down to their bed: Casseden (And you as well -what did you do!?)

Person who got thrown in the mental hospital for running over a hamster: seffykoepsel (I guess we found out what you did lass...)

Person who speaks in Morse code: 1anicole1 (teach me!)

Person who is the most sane out of everybody: InstantVampire (... Sorry but I can't buy that for one minute dearie)

Person who doesn't know why she is here in the first place: zukiii-chan (You and me both!)

It's would be awesome if the people that are tagged/mentioned in this would do this as well, and maybe even add me in so I can cause trouble with you again!

Have fun me dears!
Hope to see you soon!

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Please do a speed racer x reader that be awesome!
Thanks for the fave.
Angel-Heart279 Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

You're welcome! Loved the piece.

DollOfTheDevil Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the :+fav:!
Angel-Heart279 Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
you're welcome
Thank you for the favorite! :)
Angel-Heart279 Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You're Welcome!
zukiii-chan Oct 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the watch!! ^^
Angel-Heart279 Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome
InstantVampire Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I have no other reason for this except it's 2.16, I'm feeling exceptionally M.A.D. and everyone else is asleep, so POKE! :turbopoke:
Also, got an idea for a theme our dear alterificated Hatta! Mad World by Adam Lambert... Yeah, it's slow... Weird that fact right? Anywho... With you being you, I may aswell link it... [link] Taa-Daa!!
Get back to me via reply asap dudette!! I'll be sleeping now... :faint: <--- that's me falling asleep.

Also, why does this -> :pirate: Remind me of Nick Fury?
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